Invisible Hearing Aid Uses Powerful New Technology 

Now You Can Hear A Whisper In The Next Room With This Breakthrough Hearing Device...

These New Hearing Aids Use CIA Technology To Reduce Tinnitus And Allow You To Hear Your Loved Ones 

A cutting edge hearing aid is changing the way we think about hearing loss.
And thousands of seniors just like you can finally hear crystal clear sound again. 

You can finally enjoy a crowd restaurant…

… and watch TV at a normal volume…

…and hear your loved ones again.

This new hearing aid uses the same state-of-the-art technology to pick up conversations in crowded, noisy rooms. 
It’s so advanced it can even lessen the tedious ringing of tinnitus. 

You can finally live at peace again…

...with much less of the  ringing that is driving you crazy.

And the best part is these hearing aids are virtually invisible.  

These hearing aids just shattered the myth that you need a big, clunky hearing aids to hear better.
These hearing aids are so subtle your closest family members probably won’t notice them.

But they will notice you’ve stopped saying ‘Huh?’ and ‘What’s that?’ all the time.

You can maintain your dignity and hear better without spending a small fortune, and I’ll show you how.

But first,

Let’s talk about if you qualify for these breakthrough hearing aids.

We only take a few select customers for our breakthrough hearing aids. Do you qualify? Just answer the questions below…

Have you noticed:
  • You can’t hear what people are saying on TV?
  • You have to ask your friends and family to repeat themselves all the time?
  • Your loved ones get frustrated with you, and often give up trying to talk to you?
  • Do you fake laugh at jokes sometimes because you don’t hear them?
  • You avoid certain restaurants or public places because can’t hear conversations?
  • You haven’t been to movie theater in years because you can’t hear the dialogue?
  • You haven’t heard the birds chirping in years?
  • You find it hard to mentally focus at times?
  • You’ve noticed you’re becoming more forgetful?
If you answered yes to any of these questions you could qualify for these breakthrough hearing aids. More on that in a moment.

But first let me just say: we hear you.
We know how frustrating hearing loss can be.

And we know you feel increasingly isolated and lonely.

Losing your hearing is like slowly losing your connection to the world.

We’re here to help you turn up the volume on the world…
….so you can hear your grandkids’ giggles…

hear the birds singing in the morning… 

and watch TV without blasting your spouse out of the room.

And you can finally say goodbye to that awful ringing in your ears.

Our clients love Soundwise OTC hearing aids because…
  • they’re virtually invisible
  • they cost a fraction of what many clinics charge
  • they are so easy to use you'll be hearing better in 2 minutes
  • they are packed with the same great technology more expensive models use
  • they come with a full, no-hassle 1-year warranty
And we have the technical support to help you every step of the way.
This is the best thing since mothers milk!

Just got them today and charged them up and put them in and instantly fell in love with them. I have been wearing hearing aids for several years. I like CIC and these are. really great!
- Leena K.
Hi, my name is Kriss Berg, and I’m a co-founder of Soundwise. 

And I’m on a mission to help people hear better without spending a fortune

I started Soundwise along with the help of a doctor and an audiologist when we noticed two things:


My dad’s hearing declined to the point where he couldn’t even hear me if I was speaking 1 inch from his ear. He was virtually deaf, but was too proud to admit it.
But he’s not alone. There is a hearing crisis in this country. 

38 million people have trouble hearing. And that number will grow by 2 million people this year alone. 

But only 20% of those people are doing anything about it.

That means at least 32 million people are suffering from hearing loss but aren’t treating it.


Well that brings me to the second thing I noticed:


Hearing aids cost upwards of $5000! And you might have to spend that every 4-5 years as they wear out and become obsolete. Hearing aids are just too expensive for most people to afford.

Watching my dad struggled to hear his grandkids inspired me to start Soundwise...

See, I have a tremendous amount of respect for my dad because he did something frankly I’m not sure I’d have the guts to do:
He joined the Army at the height of the Vietnam war.

Yep in the middle of the only military draft in the last 75 years, my dad raised his hand and volunteered.

Now you might think he’s a true patriot and loves his country - and he does!
But the reality is he hated his college classes and wanted adventure.

So despite his parents’ pleading, he signed up for the Army at 20 years old.

Little did he know he’d still be paying the price for that decision over 50 years later.

See, my dad turned out to be a hell of a shot.

He could hit a moving target at 1000 yards with his rifle.

He got trained as a sharpshooter. Eventually he was assigned to defend a border with the enemy just a couple hundred yards away.
He was on competitive shooting teams.

And that means training. And training meant shooting. Lots and lots of shooting. Now back then hearing protection was basically unheard of, pardon the pun.

His ears would ring for hours after target practice. The only hearing protection they had was wads of cotton you would stuff in your ears.

So that’s why my dad did, and he didn’t complain about it.

But now he’s paying the price.

He’s lost almost 72% of his of hearing.

And he has a constant, loud ringing that doctors call tinnitus. 

By the way doctors tells me its pronounced TIN-i-tus, not tin-EYE-tus – the more you know.
Imagine going through life just hearing muffled voices under a loud, blaring ring. It’s like living with a steady fire alarm going off 24 hours a day.

That’s what my Dad’s life was like.

Maybe you can relate.

It was so painful to see the frustration on his face.

I could tell he struggled hearing me, the tv, and even my kids – and my kids are loud enough to wake the dead.
If we were talking I’d have to repeat everything I said, something 3 or 4 times. 
There were many times I would be calling him from across the room, SCREAMING at him, and he had no idea what was going on.

He seemed to be fading away. It was like he withdrew into this little cocoon. 

It was so tiresome for him to constantly have to focus on hearing that he would just give up at times.
He’d just hole up in his muffled, silent world and pretend like it didn’t bother him.

So I decided to talk to him about it...

After a couple whiskeys around the firepit one night, I asked him about his hearing aids.

He admitted they weren’t great. I thought he was tearing a up a little, but he quickly shook it off.

He stared into the fire and said:
“I just don’t think I’ll ever hear well again”
It broke my heart! How could I let this man who had given me everything just fade away like this?? He had been there at every football game. Every boy scout trip.

Every silly school function. And he never complained.

It was my dad who had made me breakfast every morning. He wanted me to get off to school with a warm, healthy meal in my belly and he did that for me every damn day for 15 years.
Now it was my turn. So I wiped away the tears and decided I couldn’t just sit around and let it happen.

It was that moment, right there around the fire pit, I decided I had to help him. I immediately got to work the next morning.

See I’m a health researcher and expert. 

I’ve been helping people lose weight and radically transform their health for almost 15 years now.

I have started and run 5 different businesses all in the health field.

When I see a problem - I attack it head on.

And I knew there had to be a better way to help people like my dad hear better.
I didn’t know the first thing about Hearing Aids.
So I searched through my network for the foremost expert on hearing problems.
That’s how I found an audiologist and an ear, nose and throat doctor to help me.

Over the course of several months, they taught me everything there is to know about hearing aids.

I learned about telecoils, decibels, feedback, compression, and noise reduction.

And they told me something else that shocked me:

Inexpensive hearing aids can help millions of people hear again without spending a fortune

Those expensive hearing aids are hiding a dirty little secret. I thought it was finally time the truth came out.

And so we created Soundwise.

Our goal is to help 1 million people over the next 5 years hear better without going broke.
But I want you to understand…

These are not your father’s hearing aids.

See, most hearing aids are just tiny amplifiers.

They take all the sound they pick up and amplify it.

That means you could actually damage your hearing further with loud noises.

And they don’t help in large crowds, because old fashioned behind-the-ear hearing aids pick up noise behind you.
You want what is happening in front of you amplified - and especially voices.

That’s exactly what these new hearing aids can do. They are smart hearing aids. They amplify what you want to hear, and lower what you don’t.

Those cheap hearing aids are like listening to an old AM radio station.

These hearing aids are like listening to a new stereo.

They are truly technical marvels.

The amount of technology packed into these hearings aids these days is astonishing.

For the less than the price of an airplane ticket…

… and in the space the size of your pinky finger nail…

You can now have a hearing aid that:
  • Can lower background noise so you can hear what you want to hear.
  • Can turn up voices so you can hear what your friends and family are saying, even in loud places.
  • Can drown out the incessant ringing of tinnitus.
  • Is so easy to fit and adjust you’ll have them working in your ears about 2 minutes after the package arrives.

How do Soundwise OTC hearing aids help with tinnitus? 

I’m glad you asked.

Medical science still doesn’t have a firm grasp on what causes tinnitus.  It's still a mystery in many ways.

Many researchers believe that nearly everyone has some version of tinnitus.
Ask anyone to sit quietly in a silent room and they’ll hear the ringing, buzzing or clicking that we think of as tinnitus.
But folks with hearing loss hear tinnitus much louder.

Audiologists believe that the ‘always there’ ringing sounds louder because the rest of the world is turned down by hearing loss.

The ringing is just far more noticeable when you have hearing loss.

So, our hearing aids improve symptoms of tinnitus for our clients by:
Improving overall hearing. By improving the quality of external sound, hearing aids make you less focused on the inner sounds caused by tinnitus.
Retraining the brain. Our hearing aids use a technique called habituation. Habituation uses external sound to teach the brain to ignore tinnitus.
So your brain can eventually turn down the tinnitus by focusing on louder, clearer sounds like people talking around you. Eventually you’ll notice your tinnitus less.

And this is backed up by data.  At least 4 different studies have shown that hearing aids are effective in reducing the effects of tinnitus.5

Experts agree : Hearing aids can help with tinnitus.

“There’s no downside to using hearing aids. They help most people who try them. And in those people, they can make all the difference in the world—allowing people to reengage with friends and family and to be more involved again.” Says Dr. Lin

I’m sure we all know people who lost their hearing and slowly faded away. They lost their contact with the world and seemed to just disappear mentally and physically.

Maybe that describes you. Now there is finally an affordable solution.

I promised myself and my father that it wouldn’t happen to him, and I want to make that promise to you too.

See, this is my dad now:

He can hear his grandkids when they’re talking in silly voices. He can hear the ball game on TV. He can hear his friends in a noisy room.

And he's more connected to his family than ever before.  He doesn't seem to off in this own little world anymore.  His mind is sharp and fast.  He participates in conversations more than ever. And he walks with confidence.

In short, he's back.  And I can't wait to spend the next few decades with him.

Here’s what we offer...

This is the

Soundwise OTC hearing aid: Aria

It has crystal clear sound and is packed with effective, but easy-to-use features like:
  • Rechargeable units so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries
  • Micro design means your friends won’t even notice you have them
  • Digital sound processing for the best possible sound experience
  • Improved noise reduction: hear what you want to hear, not the background noise!
  • Ease of use: simply take them out of the charger, turn on, place the correct ear dome for your ear size and insert into your ear.  
  • You can adjust the sounds levels easily and at any time with the included tool. 
  • You can be hearing better in about 2 minutes after you get your package!
  • Digital sound amplification so you can hear conversations better
  • Pull string for placing and removing the aids easily
  • Works great with glasses, face masks or oxygen tubes
And it sits completely in the ear so its not noticeable like other behind the ear hearing aids that costs thousands.

Here’s how it works:

So now you’re wondering – 
how much for these hearing aids?

Well that is probably the best part. We’ve packed this tiny hearing aid with so much technology that it’s a technical marvel.

This is breakthrough technology that is so small you'd need a microscope to see what's going on.

And of course this technology isn’t cheap. 
But compared to the options out there, our cost as much as 93% less.

Remember, my dad was paying $7000 for his hearing aids.

I asked my doctor advisor: why are these things so expensive??

He had one answer: overhead.

He has to charge the cost of his medical degree…

…his audiologist’s medical degree…

…the clinic building…

…the gal who answers the phones…

…and ALL the equipment he uses to evaluate hearing loss….

…into the cost of a set of hearing aids.

It’s a lot like buying eyeglasses. You’re probably wearing some now, and its about $3 worth of glass and $1 worth of metal and plastic.

But the equipment needed to look at your eyes, the doctor’s salary and everything else means you probably paid $500 or more for your glasses.
But now we can cut out the middleman.

Because these were approved by a doctor who knows hearing loss so well…

…we have created a hearing aid that will help about 78% of the people with mild to medium hearing loss.
Now we would never claim to solve everyone’s hearing loss with one hearing aid.

But the reality is MOST people have mild hearing loss, and most people need something simple and easy to use like the Soundwise Aria.

And I’m sure you’ve seen the options available at Big Box retailers too. Our audiologist and I will stack up our hearing aid against any of those things any day of the week.

In fact we did test these hearing aids:

These are the testing results from a REAL-EAR, hearing aid testing device.
Our Soundwise Aria is on the left, called K19S by our manufacturer. The other in-the-canal premium hearing aid on the right has very similar testing pattern. So what's the difference? The fancy one costs $3000. Ours costs a fraction of that.
And many of those hearing aids you get at an audiologist or a big box retailer all have a large receiver that sits behind the ear.

They are extremely noticeable, and as you’ve probably noticed make you look older.

Plus they make it hard to wear eye glasses with them. 

And it's really uncomfortable to wear a mask with behind the ear hearing aids. 

We might be required to wear masks for years at this point.  Do you really want something that makes a mask even MORE uncomfortable that it already is?

Our hearing aids are virtually invisible and so comfortable you’re forget they’re in.
What a godsend and a winner!

When I saw this product I was wary. I was looking for my 95 year old mother who has age related hearing loss in her right ear. She didn't want it. 

I ordered it anyway thinking it might help before we went to the audiologist and paid 4000.00 for hearing aids. It arrived earlier than I expected, well packaged and in it's own nice case. It felt extremely solid and well made. The instructions are simple and I DO mean simple and easy to follow. 

I put it on my mom's ear on the lowest volume setting that was the default right out of the box. 

She was instantly amazed. 

She could hear me speaking in a normal voice even from another room which hadn't been possible in years but best of all she could hear clearly and at a normal volume her TV and her beloved music. 

I would love to send our thanks and appreciation to Soundwise for making an affordable and wonderful product. I will be telling everyone I know and see about this product. Just to see her smile when I was talking in a normal voice and just to not watch my windows shake when she tried to watch TV is worth gold ;)
- Florence Jefferson, 62, Texas
 Very good and easy to use.

This is the second hearing aid of this style I have used. I find this one superior in many ways. 

The charger is great and easy to use. The power switch is far superior to the open battery compartment. Because of their size , the same on all amplifiers, the controls , volume and tone are easy to use but I recommend the user spend some time using them against a constant sound to become familiar with their range. I found running water from a sink tap provides a constant sound.

Finally to date, I found that the hearing amplifier is sturdy and well built and can handle a certain amount of abuse, dropping, etc without impairing their function. I would endorse their purchase by anyone with a hearing loss problem. They compare favorably with much more expensive units.
- Dino Scangarello, 72, Illinois
I'm a docent at our local museum and need to be able to hear our guests.  I noticed my hearing was really bad in the big display rooms where everything is hard surfaces.  I couldn't hear the questions and I'd ask them to repeat them over and over again. I could tell after a while they'd just stop asking because it was annoying.

So I tried these hearing aids despite my skepticism that these would do much. I was very surprised at their quality.  And I can hear my guests' questions much better.  I wear them all the time now, and it much more comfortable to watch tv with my wife. I'm not constantly rewinding the tv to hear what they said!  I'm a fan.  I gave it 4 stars because I would like the volume to be a little easier to adjust. Otherwise these are great.
- Terry Anderson, 69, Tennessee 
But we’re not going to charge the $7000 or $5000 an audiologist would. Our goal is to help as many people as we can with hearing loss.

We’re not even going to charge $1300 like a certain store famous for selling bulk quantities does.

No, for a limited time, our exclusive Aria hearing aid is just $699.

For that you’ll get:
  • Two Aria hearing aids
  • Charging case
  • Charging cord
  • Selection of 5 ear domes for custom sizing
  • Volume adjustment and cleaning tool
Now we know that’s still a lot of money for some people. We know it’s a tough time for many. 

So for the next 48 hours I am going to apply an exclusive coupon.  

For the next 48 hours, you can get
29% off our normal pricing.

So for just $499 you still get the entire kit.

And you can pay with your HSA or FSA card so your new hearing aids can be tax deductible.

Sorry, we do not do insurance claims. But you can use the invoice we email you after you checkout to submit your own claim.

And we’re here to support you. From 8am to 5pm MT Monday to Friday our customer support chat line is live to help you get the most out of your hearing aids. 
We decided to do a chat line because we know you may struggle hearing on the phone.


We offer something no one else does in this business: a full one-year warranty.

If anything goes wrong with your hearing aid and we can’t fix it with you over chat, we’ll replace it free. For one year.

You know those fancy $5000 hearing aids?

Yeah they cover ‘manufacturers defects’ for 1 year. That means they’ll only cover an obvious flaw in the hearing aid.
They don’t care if you don’t like the hearing aid, they don’t care if its just not helping you. Heck it doesn’t even cover the accessories that come with it.

With the Soundwise Aria, you’re covered with ANY problem you encounter with the hearing aid.

Don’t like it? No problem.

Doesn’t cover your particular hearing loss? No problem.

Doesn’t charge anymore? No problem.

We’ll cover any issue short of a lost hearing aid (sorry, that’s on you)

And we have extra single hearing aids for very affordable prices if you do lose one.

That’s the Soundwise Ultimate 
Happiness Guarantee.

That’s the Soundwise Ultimate Happiness Guarantee.

That’s why there’s no risk you.

That’s why this is an absolute no brainer.

If you’re worried about your hearing…

…your connection to society…

…you need to do something NOW.

There has never been a better time. After all, its just going to get worse right?

“Wow my hearing just magically got better on it’s own!” - said no one ever.

Now you can enjoy vivid sound quality for the price of an airline ticket.

Now you can enjoy your favorite TV shows without blasting your family members out of the room.

Now you can enjoy live music again.

Now you can hear your friends, family, your grandkids, even the birds chirping.
Honestly can you afford NOT to do something about your hearing today?

Just click below to start your order…

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